...you wash your car and it’s already starting to get dirty the next day :(

Gave Humdrum a well-deserved car wash yesterday and she’s already starting to get dirty again...

Washed her in town at the Touchless wash (didn’t have time to do a self-serve wash) - she deserved it for reliably carrying me to work and back 40 minutes each way every weekday for the past 5 3/4 months to my Term teaching position. Not one issue once other than the current worn shocks/struts making a little noise - car is at 122,000kms now so that factory suspension needs to be refreshed...something which is planned for the coming weeks. :)

Took this pic tonight in the parking lot at my summer job. It was a very humid, but pleasant drive home from there this evening. :)


Pity I didn’t have my good camera because, for being such a common color on this car, I really like the way this blue-gray metallic (paint code 2M - Hyundai calls it either ‘Midnight Gray Metallic’ or ‘Charcoal Gray Mica’) paint looks in the light when it’s clean! Excuse the shitty potato-cam quality.