I’m waiting on a rebuilt window regulator and replacement door lock latch for the Parsh. I’m regulated to tuuurrrbbboo Beetle for a week. So, if anyone needs me I’m on craigslist imagining a life somewhere between the beetle and the parsh. A little more fun and engaging than the beetle, but a little less needy than the parsh.

RSes are coming down but they are still outside of anything I could put together for a budget especially since my raise was a solid 2.8% this year(but I’m a really amazing worker, really, and they want me to keep on taking on responsibility above and beyond my position. oh gee, thanks. Incentive fools, I need it.).

Part of me has been considering selling my Beetle and putting the equity I have into a beater and then using the monthly savings on fun things like these:


But in reality, I’d probably end up spending the $200ish per month on maintaining the beater And then I’d be working on two cars regularly because I never learn. Leading candidate if I did sell Beetle for something older? Maybe post 2005 Saab 9-3.