So, I deleted the old thread. I decided to keep the dealer out of this while I get it all sorted out. The very freaking big oil stain is now embedded in the driver’s door. I called the dealer 3 times, the first time I left a message, the second and third times someone answered then immediately hung up. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR MESSES!!!! I take my car to get warranty to fix problems, not create more. Now I have a ruined door panel on a new car because a tech/porter/whoever couldn’t make sure they weren’t driving my car with dirty oil on their sleeve.


At least in fun news, today is my last day of work for 2016. I don’t come back until about January 2nd, and I get paid for it!!! :D


In miscellaneous news. This is a bone stock Corolla driven by an elderly lady with “Never Lift” on the back...That’s like, Oppo as hell! There’s another sticker that says “Locally Hated”. I almost want to say it belongs to her grandkid or something, but idk.

Also, I’m driving Tucker because it’s been hella cold (and well, the oil)...I hope this isn’t things to come for the Winter. -10 Fahrenheit feels bad in the lungs.

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