I didn’t know this was still a thing. Just a few minutes ago a fellow came by my little office in the woods and talked to me about his water conditioning system. I was like okay give me a product brochure and I’ll look at it. Very bad sales guy did not have a brochure, how the hell are you supposed to sell a product without a brochure?

Then I was like okay describe the system to me?

“blah blah water, blah blah magnets..”


Me: Stop right there buddy that’s bullshit.

At that point he turned on his heal and walked out. Now I’m not the last expert in water treatment because it’s been my job for nearly 20 years, but I do know one thing, using magnets to prevent scaling in a water system is akin to the infamous fuel shark or an intake mounted turbine fan. There are only a few things the the known universe that work to prevent hard water deposits. Chemical addition (for scale prevention using some expensive proprietary chemicals) in some industrial applications and ion exchange (like a traditional water softener) are the most common and proven.

Let us not forget the 2017 Improved Fuel Shark, as it pays for itself very quickly. Last but not least there is a new tornado intake fan combined with a comically small conical filter.


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