Today I was able to take a tour of the of the maintenance facility of the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Plane Train. If you have been to the airport here in ATL there is a very good chance that you have ridden these Bombardier CX-100 train cars. The train cars live an interesting, but predictable life. On average they are 18 years old and have a service life around 22 years. They run on 600 volt three phase power and have an operating speed of 24 mph and a top speed around 35 mph. They get inspected every 2 days and have a major maintenance visit once a year. They run on Michelin tires and these last for about 100,000 miles. Wait times between trains right now are 110 seconds, but they are working to get it down to 90 seconds.


Here is a schematic of the line from the control room. Orange blocks are trains.


Here is the modified Chevy they use to service the switches and tunnels that the trains run in.

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