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My boss is generally a good dude, but this week he's outdone himself by taking me and the guys drifting. We spent the morning on an old airfield on the outskirts of London, destroying tyres with a trio of S14s (2x Ks and a Q) and an R33. There was a Groupon deal that meant we had a 4 hour session (maybe half an hour actual driving) for £69.

I have never had more fun in my life. After a couple of dodgy laps, and one in which I fed the Skyline a cone, I nailed it on the final lap. It still looked a bit ropey, but managed to have the wheels spinning the entire way around, so I feel pretty good.


The instructors are all pretty talented, but its not the most professional set-up. I doubt I'd pay full-price for it, but if you're in the UK, keep your eye out for these cats on Groupon. for £69 its a bloody good laugh.

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