Continuing my quest to Junkyard upfit and Junkyard restore my 2007 Dodge Ram, I spent Saturday at Self Service Junkyards, I scored a set of Factory 20 inch sport wheels, misc missing interior trim pieces and a few other odds and ends. I ended my day at the Atlanta East Pull A Part. Where I spotted this rare look into luxury.

For those who don’t know these built in Italy on a K Car Platform they made just over 7,000 between 89-91. These were an answer to a Question nobody asked. These stickered for around $35,000 in 1990 or around $67,000 in today’s money. They cost about half of the all new for 1990 Mercedes 300 SL, they are the same right?


Unparalleled Italian Luxury, rich leather that has held up remarkably well

Fewer than 85,000 miles when this fine automobile probably lost its transmission or the Turbo II intercooled engine gave up


The condition of the engine leads me to believe the transmission made it end its life here. Shockingly the hood struts still worked, they must have been Italian rather than Chrysler.


When you see a perfect Maserati Pentastar Grill in the Junkyard you buy it for garage art.

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