As I conclude this weeks Junkyard finds, I present the Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler Corp got a lot of mileage out of the K Car platform in fact for much of the late 80s and Early 90s they built just one car, they disguised it really well though. Built to appeal to the full size sedan buyer not interested in the ultra luxurious Chrysler Imperial.

Chrysler products of this era had paint issues, this example is no exception. This car likely spent most of its life outside but it is fairly straight.


I miss car wide tail light panels I don’t know why

The interior help up incredibly well, 80s velour was very durable


Less than 90,000 miles


The original owner optioned this out with the upgraded Infinity Sound System, but stopped short of the top of the line system with the built in equalizer. My father optioned out his Minivans of this era with the better system it sounded great.

No Junkyard shopping this weekend I’m of the Amelia Island Concour d Elegance.

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