DOTJ Paging Long Voyager to the Junkyard Courtesy Phone

Headed down to the Atlanta North Pull-A-Part To try and find a few parts for my new to me beat up Dodge Ram, Needed a Driver Door Mirror (SCORE $22) Needed a Driver Seatbelt, (All ready gone) and other misc stuff that was all ready stripped by the time I got there typical as the truck had been on the yard for a week. But I found some interesting things in the Chrysler Section.


Early 1st Gen Voyager Poverty Spec no woodgrain, no tint, no headrests. about as basic as you can get.


Here we go a Second Gen, no rear heat but pretty loaded quad 4 seating, I thought about grabbing the overhead console for the compass but I remembered in the 2nd gen they were tied into the the ECM need a 1st gen for that. I learned to drive in one of these.

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