i’ve been working independently for a good portion of the week. I’ve gotten caught up on my to-do list. The things I need to do are waiting for information from my boss or the client. Hes preoccupied with other stuff. I have a feeling this won’t be the last DOTS today as I’ll probably do a lot of staring out the window.

other things:

my grill:

its seem better days. Out side its ok but the internal fire-y bits are hurting. I lit it the other day and the drip/flame shield just kinda crumbed to the ground. The jets aren’t even any more. I noticed my house has an external natural gas hook up. I want to get a conversion kit but they dont make it specifically for my grill (basic Home Depot model) Can i get a generic setup and retro fit it to my grill?


my fire pit:

its seem better days. It originated from some concrete blocks I found laying around from the previous owner. there was a bush I wanted to get rid of so I circled the bush with the blocks, added some gas and bye bye. I’ve been working on dismantling a rock wall but the rocks are not exactly great for stacking. some are better than others. any ideas?

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