First, a lifted 4x4 that is NOT a poser:

I love the custom metalwork all over the place - front and rear bumpers, probably that roof rack, and lots more. In particular, the little posts protecting the rear lights look exactly like “Hey man, got anything in the scrap pile we can weld up on these corners? Yeah, that’s good. Nah, don’t bother painting ‘em.”

Right after this I saw a spotless-shiny Rubicon Wrangler go by with a shiny, unscratched hi-jack on the hood, never-used yellow tow strap wrapped around the spare... I had a chuckle to myself; couldn’t get a pic though, went by before it occurred to me.

Must have been a looonng ride from Idaho though.


10/10 would take this on a long highway drive instead (although you might actually need that XJ support vehicle to follow):

Forgot this existed as a Buick:


I like this, a lot (below)- it belongs to a friend at work. 528i M-sport. It may have a 4 cylinder but it looks damn good and the reality is, while it’s “the same engine” as the Mini my wife’s getting, it’s tuned up to an impressive 240hp. I’m sure it’s fun to drive (he said he’ll let me drive it sometime), looks great, gets 30+mpg and is probably depreciated by at least 50% of new. This is a poster child for looking more expensive/exotic than it really is. A quick google search showed me one just like it for under $22k.

And finally, some bad parking. Nice wagon, though. I wonder if they would notice if I slipped my black 3.2 in its place so I could have the T6.