Also, a thing rarely seen. 1990-ish MG RV8, looking much better in blue than in the hideous metallic khaki they mostly came in

For those who don’t know it, the RV8 was Rover’s “teaser” for the revival of the MG brand in the 1990s, and arguably the original of the “continuation” models that are becoming a thing with some brands now (eg lightweight E type).


They noticed that the original MGB body shell tooling still existed, its homologation was still current, and the convertible was homologated with a V8 even though it was never built with one, so decided to build a couple of thousand new ones with the then current (3.9 injected) version of the V8, mildly upgraded suspension (though still leaf spring live axle), luxury interior and body kit.

Wasn’t a great success in Europe but sold like hot cakes in Japan as it coincided with their 1990s retro craze.

Fun fact - when they got the body tooling back from British Motor Heritage -who were making spares for existing Bs - they decided to fix a lot of the defects. They then found that this meant a lot of original parts no longer fitted, as they’d been engineered around the existing shell. So they had to revise the tooling to put the original defects back in!

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