Reposted for the daytime crowd:

Cars I saw this week but wasn’t fast enough to get the photo - but the colors are correct!


People did a lot of hating on the SLC in its time. I always thought they were a decent GT car. And one of them saved a friend’s life when she cracked it up.

Third or fourth one I’ve seen in the wild - I really like the design. If I needed a car in this class, I wonder if I’d get one or just go with my first instinct (Grand Cherokee). My sister has a loaded Grand Cherokee, and it’s an impressive vehicle.


I saw somewhere around here that someone wrote about the S-Class coupe and convertible going away. Having driven neither, I still think I’d want an Aston if I was shopping in that class. And I’ve always had a soft spot for the 911 Targa, if I’m honest, but it’s really not the same sort of thing.

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