DOTS: All The Feels Edition

I’m with my son at his soccer game, getting some good Dad time in, when what should I see in the parking lot? My old Land Cruiser, looking good! That was fun, I’ve never spotted one of my old cars on the road before.

But then I saw the new owner get in...with his teenage son in the driver’s seat, and run through some instructions before they headed off a little tentatively. And then I saw the “student driver” sticker on the back.


That made it feel even more special. I taught my son to drive in that trusty old heap, and had a lot of fun doing it. His mom and I split (reasonably amicably, it should be said) this past summer, and he’s heading off to college in the fall, so time with him feels extra important now. I’m glad to see my old truck teaching another kid to drive and building memories for another father and son. What a good old truck.

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