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DOTS: An Unexpected 3 Pedal Fleet Vehicle

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My college uses these Toro Workman HD trucks that could have been made anytime in the last two decades. Considering most of their fleet vehicles are very well maintained and these look a bit rough, I lean towards an older date of manufacture.


They’re pretty neat machines. They’re all 4wd and have a liquid cooled diesel at the rear. Perhaps most curiously of all, they’re all manual.

But what puzzles me is that the gear lever appears to only go forward and backwards like an automatic. How would the gears be laid out? R, N, 1, 2?


What do you guys think? The drivers absolutely are clutching in at stops but I’ve only seen 2 forward gears used I think. Could be 3. Their website isn’t much help though.


The John Deere equivalents they also use have a bed that can slide backwards to reveal a flip down second row. They’re never in use but are pretty cool. They’re all automatics though. As are the Polaris Gem electric golf carts used to manage the campus. There’s in interesting mix of small utility vehicles present here.

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