I found this R8 with an IL license plate that says “SLOW” in Walworth, WI. :) Meanwhile, I’ve figured out some more stuff about the Buell’s second gear.

So while I was correct in that not putting the shift lever through its full motion would lead to it jumping in gear or going into Neutral, I was only telling half the story.

Normally when second gear starts jumping I’d shift to third and keep going. However, last night I decided to just pull on the clutch a little. Sure enough, after letting go of the clutch the jumping is gone. I’ve always thought the clutch cable needed some tightening and now I have an excuse to do it.


I don’t have much news about the Rebel because its issues are more cosmetic than anything. I have some bolts to tighten up (oh god, the rattles), some new tyres to buy, and a tank to get. Mechanically, it’s absolutely purrfect.

Today I trek out to my storage unit and see if I can revive my fourth smart’s transmission clutch actuator. If so, I’ll be able to get it home and finish its restoration (I guess being single has a small perk of more free time). If not...I guess I’ll have to trailer it home.