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DOTS and some stuff my trucks previous owner sent me.

Just a couple DOTS from this afternoon and my M37s previous owner sent me some rubber bits I could use, but also this massive original horn that must weigh 8lbs, an original gauge as well as some of the electrical bits that I assume are from the radio equipment, my M37 is actually an M43 command truck variant that had a big ass radio and electrical plugs. The cool thing about this part is how all the wires are numbered with little tags so you can’t screw it up too badly. This really stood out because I once replaced the headlight switch in my W123 (pictured street parked below), which is a round dial switch, with many wires, I had to label all of them, damn you Mercedes! I need some rebuilt original gauges in the truck, so maybe I can send this broken original one in as a core when that happens. The horn sits up nicely on on a shelf because of those two huge plugs in the back, like a tripod, more crap I can display, my wife will be pleased.

This is a nice GMC I see around but I haven’t gotten a pic of until now, so clean, nice color. This is really 911 territory but I have seen more Mercedes popping up, there are tons of Mercs here but when it comes to sports cars in the 911 price range they are king, I think Sonnen Porsche must be one of the leading dealers, the SUVs are everywhere too now.  


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