tl;dr version: ran into a GT3 RS on the way to visiting my sister, geeked out and loved the look. Got shitty photographs, too.

The 991-type 911 has been with us for a while now ... and it’s grown on me ever since. With the arrival of the GT3 RS and its almost tacky-looking front fender louvres, I felt like they had gone plaid with the Neunelfer.


After seeing one in the “metal” some days ago, I’m happy to report that it looks glorious and purposeful. It might have been chilling on the Autobahn, but it sat there like it could hunt down whatever it wanted to, whenever it decided to.

Please excuse the amateurish imagery, I had but a potato device to document my encounter, and I did not feel like going “look, ma’, hands!!1”.


What did it for me with this particular car was the colour combination: a dark matte, anthracite-ish paintjob with a mostly matte finish, paired up with some green-ish yellow accents on wing, type designation, mirrors and front piece (sadly no picture of that, apologies!).

It looked pretty badass to me. I’d honestly settle for the GT3, but if there were none available, I’d also make do with one of these.

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