I mean, I don’t live somewhere that I get to see Ferraris and Lamborghinis, like, ever. But that doesn’t mean I dont’ see a white Camry with a Landau top! Or a Mexican Tiguan! Come on, this is all I got.

Worst picture ever of....
Something looked a little different, then I saw the plate...
It’s a long way form home.
I think these have aged pretty well. Call me crazy.


This 944 is daily-driven year-round. Her other car is an E39 525 wagon, also manual.
These two are parked next to each other almost every day. I find it funny.

And last but not least, this was my view this morning:


This is why I’m okay with living in Boringville sometimes. I went out on the lake last night and sat in the middle by myself for about an hour, with almost no sounds but loons, no wind, no boats, no distractions. Maybe a cigar... it wasn’t terrible.

Happy Monday!