This is a car I doubt I have ever seen on the road before, it’s so rare. Even though the plate suggests it’s here in Hungary at least since the early ‘90s.

So what is this? Wheelarch extension, double round headlights.... oh yes, this is a Citroën Visa GTI.

If it’s a real GTI, then it’s powered by the same engine as the Peugeot 205 GTI (the original 1.6 version) so has 105 or 115 HP depending on market. Power goes through a 5speed box to the front wheels. And this example has the exact same Pioneer head unit as i have in my Peugeot.


Wiki says, it received favorable reviews back in the day, but because it has a 5door body, and much less chic anyway, than a 205, it languished in the shadows of that big presence, and never really sold.

And it’s so crazy french, even I’m not sure i would. Are you?