Everyday I see these 2 cars 2 and from work. These are not the actual cars. I don’t take pictures while driving.

A gold Dodge Rampage. This sits in the lot of a small construction contractor. I am not sure it runs. I have never seen it move.

What the car I see is not.


Edit: [Not a yellow 1970's Alfasud.] A yellow Subaru Leone 2 sedan. I had a [really] hard time identifing it. It looks like an early model and a base spec. It sits at one of the many little used car dealers on the way to work. I first saw it when I interviewed for my job in February. It is still there. I have seen it move though.


I also drive past this diner. One of the regulars has a 1956 Packard Patrician, an early 80's Civic hatch and wagon.