That must’ve been a hell of a ride.

So I spent my weekend absolutely neglecting my lawn in lieu of playing dirtbag mountain biker (I think I made the right choice). 17 miles and 5400' of climbing (which also means 5400' of descent fun time), all within a stones throw of my front door.


The above ‘53 Chevy is a couple hundred feet of elevation below the nearest road, and the woods between the two are so thick I have no clue how the car even made it this far down.

I also had an interesting experience with a gumball sized rock. Somehow, on a chossy, loose descent, the aforementioned rock managed to wedge itself into my front derailleur.


It was above the chain on the small ring, but when I tried to shift it would block the chain from stepping up onto the large ring, resulting in an uncomfortable noise. Unfortunately, this wasn’t discovered until I accelerated on to the 100 feet of paved road I need to ride to get to another trailhead (not a good time to find out you don’t have your tall gears). A bit of ginger prying (and forceful bashing) with the biggest allen key on my multi tool, and the big ring was ready to join the party again.

I’ll miss this little archway when it finally comes down.

Hope everyone had a good weekend prioritizing fun over mundane.

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