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DOTS England

I’m pretty busy spending time with uncles aunts and cousins who aren’t car “mad” like me, so no SR20 of the variety of Land Rover Discoveries or the utility van parked on the curb in a car park out of necessity, but reminding me of a flexing Jeep. But . . .

Family and wife patiently tolerated me snapping the following.

I forget which Renault this is, but my uncle figured that someone was looking for trouble
AC Cobra back at the source
My aunt and uncle’s all electric Renault Zoe

There were many mundane cars of interest simply because we don’t have them in America, but no pictures of those, I just basked in the strangeness.


Ironically, I’m posting this while on a lengthy train ride. However, I’ve been a passenger on several country drives that would make American drivers frustrated, nervous, and excited all at the same time.

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