I head to the DMV in Napa for several reasons. Pictured: one of those reasons.

I’ve found myself in the worst votex of government fuckery where I paid to renew my boat’s registration while still owing $26 to the state of California for interest for paying my state taxes when I filed — after an extension. Since I owed a small amount it wasn’t a big deal and I thought nothing of it at the time. The state sent me a bill for $26.02 with no clear explaination as to what they wanted.


Anyway I figured it out and paid it and then got a letter from the DMV that was similarly cryptic but actually explained the $26 bill. Anyway the registration was on hold due to the taxes I’ve already paid.

I wait two months to see if it fixes itself.

So having today off I decided to celebrate the sunshine by.... Heading to the franchise tax board in Oakland. They claim I’m totally up to date and... That there was never any kind of hold placed on my registration (!).

So now I’m in Napa where normally there’s no line at all and as luck would have it, the line goes out the door.

The tax folks had to paperwork to provide me to show I’m current and they asked me to go to the DMV to get them to run the registration again as nothing should hold it up.


I saw the line at the DMV and decided to actually enjoy the sunshine a little so I’m having a beer and hoping it was just a lunch rush and that the folks at the DMV don’t send me back to the tax office.

Adulting kind of sucks.

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