Yesterday I saw a British Taxi parked on the street in Nashville, TN

TIL: in 2003/2004 there was a small production run of the taxis brought to the US. They are no model, just a make: London

I did a little sleuthing to determine this one is a 2003, however I can’t find anything saying there were differences between the 2003 and 2004 models. I wasn’t able to track much down with the vin other than it’s Nashville owned.

Ripped from the Barrett Jackson auction page for a different 2003 London:

“This left hand drive London Taxi is one of a limited number produced for the US in Coventry England. Straight off the streets of London, England this 2003 iconic London Taxi Cab is fully equipped with seating for up to five passengers plus the driver. This Cab is wheel chair accessible, has a pop out swivel jump-seat for easy access, a built in child car seat, wireless intercom, a hearing impaired audio system and a new DVD/CD monitor. The front passenger area is designed as the luggage compartment. The 2003/2004 models were the only two years the London Taxi Cab was allowed to be imported into the US. Other features include the glass divider between the passengers and the driver and an almost 90 degree turning radius. The London Taxi Cab was the last British built Automobile until 2009 when it was outsourced to Shanghai, China. These vehicles were used on the popular reality TV shows of Super Nanny and Nanny 911.”