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DOTS Ita Autostrade Edition (seeing the international world of cars through American eyes)

So I drove on the Autostrade today for the first time. It was an interesting experience, speed limit is 130 kph, about 80 miles an hour. I was on two lanes the whole way. The good: Italians follow the pas on the left much better than US Americans, I think that is a pretty well known thing about Europe in general. The bad: There is a huge disparity in speed, a not insignificant number driving 20-30 kph under the limit (or more) and a fairly significant number (I am looking at you big Audi drivers) way over. So you can be tooling along at the limit in the right lane and have to stand on your brakes as someone in the right is going 85, and someone on the left is coming up at 145.

You have to pay attention, it wasn’t really to bad, but you have to pay attention. The Panda felt pretty good at speed, steady, but better shift down to 4th if you want to accelerate.

TL/DR on to the pictures.


Look, a lovely little Renault camper thing, I want to quit my job and use my not very substantial assets to buy one and live out of it!

Who says the USA has the market cornered on biggish SUVs, here is a Peugeot


Another tiny Fiat


IView from lunch, pics don’t do the Vistas justice.

Sightings—no pictures (sad face) I only noticed one Ford, a Fiesta, a Chevy, a Spark, two Porsches, one the zoomy kind, one the roomy kind, I saw more Porsches in 5 minutes in California than a week in Italy.


Lastly, also no pictures, a red Lancia Delta Integrale (super sad face).

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