sorry, I don’t have much for pictures today, I mostly looked at boats, so I guess this is down on the Sea.

Here is a lovely little skiff it looks like a guy could have a Hemingwayesque adventure trying to catch a big fish on.


This is apparently a “Venice Boat” far from Venice, they use it to take you to a restaurant on a nearby island. Can you tell I kind of like old things?

I took pictures of two Opels that I was not familiar with today, but they looked pretty boring, so they will stay in the unpublished file.

Random thoughts: I am directionally challenged, not like one of those people you hear about who get lost going to the grocery store in their own neighborhood, but no “sense of direction” I really don’t even know what that is, cause I don’t have it.


I am in a place I don’t know, a language I can’t read, and streets that don’t stay at all straight. It can be a little daunting, even with not always reliable GPS. Speaking of which, I specified a rental car with said GPS, they gave me a Tom Tom Go, what is this, the aughts?

Anyway back to directionally challenged, take two or three turns in a car and I don’t know what direction I started in, or what direction I want to go (I do a little better when walking). I also can’t remember highway or road names in strange places, a series of take this road then that quickly flits in and out of my mind, little help. I can go to a store and remember the marked price of everything I bought, even if a big list, for a short time, but can’t store directions in my head, how does that work?


I have a theory it is like language, if you don’t learn it at a young age you never do. I grew up in a smaller town where most everything was grid pattern and lettered (east west streets) or numbered (north south). Didn’t need to develop any navigational skills, and can’t seem to now.

Eventually as I learn an area I can visualize a map in my head of the area and can place myself on the map and never get lost again. Does anybody else do that?


I can also read a map fine, but that doesn’t help much when I am driving in city traffic.

Anyway, just wondering if any of you have similarly “specially abled” in this area and how you work around it (no points for the answer “GPS”. Though that raises a good question, do those when grew up with it generally not develop any navigational skills because they don’t have to?

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