DOTS Ita random musings edition

U II don’t have a lot of pictures today, I have a couple, I do have some observations. What a different car world. Part of the difference is economic, gas is much more expensive, and wages a little less plentiful, but a large part of the difference between cars in Italy and the US is geography.

Here is our little rental Panda, an average sized car here, smaller than my wife’s Fit, a subcompact in the states. But parking is at a premium everywhere, roads date back to Roman times and in hilly areas many have a lane and a half or less for a Panda sized car. Turns are tight and narrow, and gas is 3x as much. So small cars make sense here.


I have been by a couple high end resorts that are filled with BMW, Audi’s, and some mid size looking SUVs and crossovers, but maxi size to trucks and SUVs, Tahoes and F150s, would just not work here. I have seen about three Japanese mid size trucks in the week I have been here. The old VW bus I posted a couple days ago looked huge next to the regular traffic. Not sure where I am going with this, other than it is quite a different car world in Italy.

Sorry didn’t get a chance to take too many pics, here is a decrepit Renault 5. I haven’t seen one of these in the states for 30 years or so.

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