We are getting near the end, what have I neglected? Scooters!!

I am no expert but here is a 1963 Vespa all original parts, I know this because the sign on the scooter says so. I don’t know much about scooters, there were probably more rare or interesting ones around, but I don’t have the knowledge to single them out. There are tons of them around, when in Rome I thought maybe they ran around in Scooter gangs because they would be all grouped up at the front of the traffic at lights, then I realized this wasn’t some sort of small wheeled social bonding, they simply all cut through traffic to get to the head of the line.


Didnt notice many, if any, mopeds, didn’t notice whole families 3-4 even 5 up on little scooters like I did fifteen years ago, maybe they outlawed it, maybe it is more of a regional thing, I was in Southern Italy before.

There were also some regular motorcycles. Higher numbers inland away from the coasts. Apparently Harleys are everywhere, including here, of course more Ducatis and Moto Guzzis than you see in the states, also a few old 80s UJM types still around, and adventure type bikes too. They big bikes really fly on the Autostrada.

Italian sports car and GT car sightings, really fairly rare out and about where I am. Couple Ferraris in Rome, couple Fiata 124s, one MGF (first time I saw one in the wild), a decrepit 70s or 80s Alfa Spider—not a lot of two seaters.


I will leave you with a small Fiat truck


I saw a couple of these, about the size of a 70s Japanese Datsun or Toyota truck, maybe slightly bigger. FWD or RWD?, I am guessing front.

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