DOTS: Italian Rental Car Edition

Here are my wheels for the week.

Why, it’s an Alfa Romeo Giuletta in rental spec (diesel + 6-speed manual), immaculate except for a big ol’ dent in the fender, because Italy. It’s practical and torquey and a really lovely shade of blue. Not bad!


...certainly not great, but not bad! It’s a funny-looking thing but it’s growing on me. Except the seats. The seats are awful. And 2nd through 4th gears are so short that I’m just shifting constantly...6 gears is probably too many here. And the key constantly pops out of the fob in my pocket. And the power windows are finicky. Overall, it’s an integral part of the Italian vacation experience and I highly recommend it.

It might take a minute to get there but once moving it’ll comfortably keep pace with Autostrada traffic, including a Jag XKR V8 I saw today whose driver was vaping and looking at his phone while straddling the lane line at 150 kph past a speed camera. Unfortunately, I was glaring over at him for being an idiot at that moment, and thus may also have done 150 kph past said speed camera, so it’s possible I’m the idiot here.

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