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DOTS - Keep Portland Weird

Saw this parked in SE Portland near a friend’s apt complex the other day.

This is a LHD (presumably US market) pre-bulge out WRX. With UK license plates both front and back (note temporary window tag indicating they’re waiting for Oregon plates). So as far as I can tell this actually is a car that was registered and used in the UK (doesn’t appear to be a case of “yo bro, look at my euro plates I got on Ebay”).


My main question is…why? Why would someone go through the expense of shipping their US spec WRX to the UK (assuming they moved there for work for a period or something), and then shipped it back to the US when they were done? Sounds like an awful lot of work when you could’ve sold it and enjoyed something far more interesting while in the UK that was also RHD (so much forbidden fruit!). Or if this was some other euro-spec WRX from the continent (being LHD) that someone bought and used in the UK…wouldn’t that mean they’d have to go through the trouble of federalizing it to bring to the US?

All I can say is this person is truly keeping up with the slogan of Keep Portland Weird with this level of subtle WTFness.

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