DOTS: Kroger edition

Local Kroger parking lot never fails to impress for variety. This time, it was full of orange cars! (Not pictured, unapologetically orange VW Atlas) This Chevy was a beautiful fall color and in great shape.


Next up. . . er. . . a questionable variant of a great car. This automatic Cooper Roadster is for the person who though the regular Mini was too large and too practical. I like stripes but orange on the roof? And black on the body???

Seriously considering buying a Clubman S btw.

I was admiring this lovely old Land cruiser and then I saw it. 500,000 miles on the odo! Can this even break the speed limit?!?! Now that’s commitment. Wonder how many miles were traveled with people in the sideways jump seats?


(I wanted to continue the orange theme with a mustard colored land cruiser I saw but no pic)

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