DOTS - Lifestyles Center Parking Lot Edition

Two interesting spots while I was in town today! One of my local towns has a ‘Lifestyle Center’ which has the town swimming pool, arena/concert space and library in it. I had to pop in there to the library earlier today and caught these in the parking lot!

First up, on my way back to my car was a lifted 2005 or so Chevy Silverado pickup......on aftermarket rims and performance tires. I noticed as I walked past that clearly this lift had been done properly due to the pristine alignment all of the tires showed in terms of wear. This was the rear-right and was probably the second worst...

BUT, the cool find was this MINT early-mid ‘80s Corolla hatchback!!! NONE of these survive around here due to the salt on the roads in the winter, so this thing must be somebody’s summer ‘fun’ car!


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