DOTS - Lumber is Bodywork Edition

Nevermind the terrible photography. I’ve seen this mean machine around a bunch lately and have yet to snap a pic until today. It’s either a cargo van or a former box truck converted into a trash hauler, with a dually rear and CUSTOM body on the back. Some wood, some steel, some chicken wire, you know. The works. It’s equal parts hideous, amazing, hilarious, and totally... function. over. fashion. I kind of love it.

I’ll try to get some more pics of it if I see it stopped somewhere. The whole reason it exists is that our town has no trash pickup. And where this guy - and a large portion of the town’s population - lives, it’s nearly 20 minutes one way to the dump Transfer Station. So a few enterprising individuals have set up their very own trash collection businesses. Anyway. There it is.

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