Lots of good spots this morning and in the last 2 days! Mahone Bay/Lunenburg, being tourist towns, have some cool rides around during the spring/summer sometimes! :)

This is what I saw, complete with grainy poorly-angled dashcam pictures!

First up - this glorious beast! No RAM ProMaster-based camper here, this is a FIAT Ducato-based camper on German plates on it’s way out of Lunenburg! Told you there were a lot of imported German RVs and overlanders around! :D
JJJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGG XJS convertible with the V12! Saw it yesterday while driving around Lunenburg. Don’t worry, I have been assured it most likely broke down out of shot after making the turn.
Saw this old girl on my way out of the Irving gas station in Mahone Bay on my way to where I was going this morning - 1957 Chevy sedan in MINT shape! So much glistening chrome in the sun!
What’s this? JDM coolness! This poor R34 Skyline GTS sedan has been for sale at a very sketchy used car dealership/garage outside of Mahone Bay for at least half a year now....makes me wonder why it’s not been sold yet. Do people not know what it is, nor know that it’s there? Err....not sure, but from the stories I’ve heard about the garage, I wouldn’t be surprised it somebody had imported it, had an accident with it here, and these guys shoddily repaired it...somebody come check it out to see if it’s OK and save it from it’s fate if it’s not a cobbled-together mess!
That German-plated RV/camper thing? Yeah......take a look at the Mercedes Sprinter on the right. Euro-spec represent! Looks like they just bought a commercial Sprinter and converted it to a camper! Conveniently, it was parked at the town Visitor’s Information Center...


On vastly the different end of the spectrum from the Skyline above is this......well. It’s a K-car Dodge 600 ES convertible. It was in mint shape though, so kudos to the owner for caring so well for it! Plus, look! REAR WHEEL SPATS!
AND...finally, a few hundred meters down Main Street from the Dodge was this Pontiac Solstice. Pretty rare there when they were new, so very uncommon nowadays! They still look very nice though!

I had a busy spotting week! :D