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One nice thing about driving a rare car is that there are few chances for confusing it with someone else’s car. That uniqueness can still come back to bite one in the ass, though. Case in point, this 2000 Special Edition that I saw parked at the Produce Junction where I stopped with my family. No, this is not my car, mine was parked in my garage while I drove my wife’s car, but it’s otherwise identical. It’s not the first time I have met this car, either; that occasion occurred about five years ago at a Costco parking lot where I puzzled over why my key wouldn’t unlock the car, only to find out that I was trying to unlock someone else’s car. How do I know this? Because this car has the same set of decals on the windshield as the one that I almost broke into.


That's too much spoopy coincidence if you ask me.


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