DOTS: New South Edition

Technically a parking lot, so it’s not technically DOTS, I guess. GLS63.


This is just SO Alabama I can’t think of a more quintessential car. Built here, sold here in droves, horrendously thirsty, unreasonably fast, onboxiously loud when it wants to be — and tooling around all over the place, usually by soft-spoken, well mannered little ladies who see no irony in the choice of vehicle. That’s a pretty universal “New Money” thing, I just find it especially amusing with this demographic who likely just came from a Junior League meeting about how to raise funds for United Way or something similar.

Fun with stereotypes to paint a picture for you since I didn’t want to invade her privacy when she walked up — yes, it had a personalized tag. Because of course it did.

And in a single 30-minute errand, I saw TWO of them. This is the second. My Passat wagon is worth $1,400 (private party) on a good day. But I parked closer to the store, so HAHA!

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