DOTS - old Hondas, Hot Rods, and foreign strangers!

First spot! Saw this very lovely old Honda CRX in Chester yesterday at their local grocery store. Not perfect, but in very nice shape and in a very pretty shade of dark blue! Pardon the phone camera is pretty terrible.

Saw this around Chester as well - your stereotypical (though less often seen nowadays, at least around here) Ford ‘T-Bucket’ Hot had a very nice exhaust burble...


Lastly, the coolest and strangest spot I’ve had in awhile...the hilarious part being it went past as I was leaving the road my house is on - I’ve never had a cool spot that close to home before, haha! It’s a VW T6 California...the same awesome RV van that Jalopnik did an article on awhile back! For those of you who don’t know, these are NOT sold in North America in ANY form, so this was cool to see! I love the awesome white/metallic bronze paintjob! The ODD thing about it though, is that it had a European license plate on the front (didn’t get a chance to see what country, sorry!), BUT, it had a Canadian Ontario Manufacturer license plate on the back??? Did VW Canada import one as they are considering bringing it it a testbed or something...? VERY strange but very cool to see!


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