DOTS - Potato Dump

Presented without context, pretext, subtext, or really any much text at all for that matter.

My neighborhood is about to be a whole lot less cool. Maybe it’s just going for a car ride and it will be back soon?
Looks fast.
Looks REAL fast.
I think I need to buy a boat.
I found a beautiful regional park to take a break in while I ran out of fuel on my way to work the other day.
Ferd, seen through a dirty Olive Garden window.
Donk On The Street?
I think I pissed off my garbage man somehow?
Brought to you by, “How can a giant AMG SUV manage to rear end me and damage the ONLY IRREPLACEABLE THING ON THE BACK OF MY VEHICLE.”
He never drives this. He just works on it and sometimes opens the hood and says, “Wow! Look at that giant ENGINE!”

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