Well....it’s that time of year again, where Yeropeons (seemingly mostly German and Swiss and others of German heritage owing to the huge German descended population here from the area’s original settlement in the 1750's) start shipping their RVs over here to Nova Scotia to go on trips! This is good because it lets me see lots of cool forbidden fruit stuff like this, this, and Skoda Yetis! :D

Monday’s spot was less a forbidden fruit (we got the Sprinter here), but still neat - Euro-spec first-gen Mercedes Sprinter RV on German plates! Can any of you German speakers make out what the writing says across the front of the roof? :)

Other than that, not much was decent enough to bother mentioning until today, where I saw this little British James May sailboat on the highway...aka a Triumph Herald! These WERE sold here back in the day, but they are VERY rare as they were never popular to begin with (buyers wanted Triumph’s sportier numbers) and those that were sold have long since rusted away to dust. Seeing this bright red little spunky convertible on the 103 definitely brought me a smile though! :D


Neat stuff! :D