EDIT - Re-post for the morning crowd...

Just some cool spots I’ve seen lately, in no particular order! :)

For Canuck! Saw this interestingly painted Juke as I passed the Exit 13 on-ramp to the 103 in Bridgewater! Looked quite nice in person. LOOK HOW MUCH MORE SPORTY THE OFF-CENTER BLACK STRIPES MAKES IT! Like +20hp, right guys?
YAY!!!! JDM import Suzuki Carry kei truck in Mahone Bay! I still ponder if I should get one of my own sometime! I don’t care that they are basic, underpowered and unsafe! :P This one would be around a 1999-2002 model.
Man, that ride on the left must be slow.....like 1hp. Then again, it IS powered by one horse, so....the perks of living near a tourist town!
An original FIAT 124 Spider in Lunenburg on my way home this afternoon from one of my many jaunts today...not sure if that blue is an original paint color, but it looked REALLY nice and was metallic, so very shimmery in the sun. Awesome!


Oops...pardon the seek bar at the bottom of the screen! Following the Lunenburg Fire Department’s 1930s Chevrolet fire engine. It’s in perfect working order, pumps, equipment and everything! They drive it around the town often for fun to give it a workout and give smiles to tourists. Very cool old girl!
Following an MG-A!
It may be garish, but I still love seeing FCA’s ‘Hemi Orange’ paint on RAMs and Dodge Darts! :D


VW Karmann-Ghia in Mahone Bay along the waterfront! :)
It may have been not particularly sporty and a whale of a sports car, but I quite liked this Eclipse....they were always very rare here, even moreso now. At least it reminds me of a time when Mitsubishi made something interesting in the North American market...

More interesting things to come as the summer rolls along, I’m sure! This is when all the interesting stuff comes out to play! :)