Not many interesting spots in the past while....well, at least one of which several of you will probably find quite boring.

The one in question is the following Tesla Model X - first one I’ve seen in person. Teslas are quite rare here as there are no dealerships except in Ontario and Quebec that I know of, so seeing any here in Nova Scotia is quite uncommon. I know of only one Model S I see on a semi-regular basis that is owned by a local doctor, so this Model X was an interesting sight. I’m not an SUV guy though, so I would prefer the Model 3 or Model S.

Later that same day, on the way home on the highway, I saw this Euro-spec Ford Ranger Overland camper:

I THINK it was on German plates, as most imported Euro vehicles you see around here in this area as I’ve mentioned before, but I am not sure as it was rainy and I only caught a glimpse of the front plate for a second. Oddly, it looked EXACTLY like a similar Euro Ranger I had spotted here last summer! The one last summer was missing a front license plate though, whereas this one wasn’t, so not sure if it’s the same one or not...very cool to see nonetheless! :)


Lastly, this hot-rodded hunk of ‘Murica coming off the off-ramp of the local exit! I’m not good with older American stuff, but guessing some sort of 40's Ford maybe?