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DOTS - RallyDarkstrike June11th-14th Edition!

Not many interesting spots in the past while....well, at least one of which several of you will probably find quite boring.

The one in question is the following Tesla Model X - first one I’ve seen in person. Teslas are quite rare here as there are no dealerships except in Ontario and Quebec that I know of, so seeing any here in Nova Scotia is quite uncommon. I know of only one Model S I see on a semi-regular basis that is owned by a local doctor, so this Model X was an interesting sight. I’m not an SUV guy though, so I would prefer the Model 3 or Model S.


Later that same day, on the way home on the highway, I saw this Euro-spec Ford Ranger Overland camper:


I THINK it was on German plates, as most imported Euro vehicles you see around here in this area as I’ve mentioned before, but I am not sure as it was rainy and I only caught a glimpse of the front plate for a second. Oddly, it looked EXACTLY like a similar Euro Ranger I had spotted here last summer! The one last summer was missing a front license plate though, whereas this one wasn’t, so not sure if it’s the same one or not...very cool to see nonetheless! :)

Lastly, this hot-rodded hunk of ‘Murica coming off the off-ramp of the local exit! I’m not good with older American stuff, but guessing some sort of 40's Ford maybe?


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