DOTS - Rallydarkstrike's Lunenburg Canada Day Edition!

Some spots I caught on my d while out and about through the Canada Day festivities today!

I’ve mentioned before that Teslas are very rare here as there are no dealerships closer than Ontario. I only see one on a regular basis and it is owned by a local doctor. I saw these TWO today, less than 20 seconds apart! The first Model X had US plates (didn’t catch the state), and the second one is said aforementioned doctor’s local Tesla:


When got into Lunenburg proper, I found these ostentatious tail-fins greeting me! The rear end of a 1957 Chevy - I’ve seen it around before. It’s beautifully restored and the gold badging looks very classy in contrast with the chrome!

A little ways down the same street, I found this handsome new 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT. I really like the look of these and think one could definitely be a DD for me down the road. This one was in a very nice shade of blue, but the reason I kept a pic of it was that it had a very Abarth-style stripe in white down the side that looks really good (no writing, just the stripe). Not overdone, looked very cool to me! :)


Lasly, down that street and turning left onto the next, I came across this old, patina’d VW Bus a little ways down. I’m not down with my classic VWs, but guessing this one is an early ‘70's model? Tourists as it was on original Massachusetts plates - kudos to the people or person that drove a classic VW Bus all the way up here from Massachusetts - that’s Oppo-worthy right there!


And thus ends another post of Rallydarkstrike’s dashcam DOTS series!

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