Last night I saw a little red Lotus Elise parked on the side of the street in the Melbourne CBD. Just like an MR2 only better, my heart did a little flutter.

Little red blip at the bottom of the picture: be still my beating heart

This morning I saw the same car. Still there. This time my heart fluttered for different reasons.

What have they done to you, little Elise? Who has left you to sit for a whole night in the city? Can they even afford the astronomical fees that come with parking such a park? Will you be impounded? I saw a BMW X6 that sat for weeks with a wheel clamp on it - is this to be your fate?

No more.

Let it be known that I volunteer to take this poor stricken car on board. I will sell the MR2, love and care for this little Lotus as if it were my own. Yes, it’s a great personal sacrifice I’m making but I can’t stand idly by and watch this abuse continue.


Ps. I’m sorry I’ll get a better shot later. Ideally from within my own car port.