Man I missed a lot of cool stuff I wish I had captured. I saw a BMW 2002 convertible and a nice Morgan etc...

At the solar show I rigged on. We had to hang some signs above it so I had them move it!
My CRV next to a nice CRX. Oh I heard silver cars are beige now!!?
I would like a 60....
This truck came from Hawaii, I can tell by the decals which are common back home.You got all of them pretty much, Kamehameha, fish, Hinano Beer (Tahitian)... no anti Haole stickers though. Amazing this truck survived, if it was still there it would have rusted out completely.  
My mechanic when I need some help! His dad came from Switzerland and now there are two more generations in the shop, they know old Mercs well.
Very clean SEC, my dad loved his.
I saw one just like this, very well done. I hate convertibles but it was well done.

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