DOTS: Somewhat Interesting Cars Of Sicily

You’ve seen one of the hundreds of Piaggio Apes I’ve seen (mostly clogging up traffic and belching foul-smelling exhaust, to be honest) and my lovely blue Alfa Romeo rental. Now here are some random things I spotted while walking around today.

A Tata pickup. I also saw a Great Wall pickup truck with the ugliest bed cover/rear window combination imaginable. No picture because I was busy driving.
A Land Rover Freelander with a removable rear, which I suspect is the only way to enjoy a Freelander.
I swear I saw this thing reviewed on Top Gear but I can’t remember what it is. Anyone? ETA: Smart Coupe version of the Smart Roadster. Thanks, everyone!
Last but certainly not least, a Citroen CX with a lovely brown leather interior that looks like an old man’s living room.

Also: approximately a million Fiat Pandas and Puntos, many Smart cars, both Vauxhall and Opel Astra variants, numerous other terrible econoboxes, diesel commuter trims of 3-series and C-classes and small Audis, and several tractors blocking highways. Plus two beat-up Jeep Compasses and a really nice old Fiat 500.

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