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DOTS: Sparco Terras on an Alltrack

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I quite like this combination. If my Outback dies before the next generation with the 2.4T gets here, I’ll be buying one of these.


Speaking of which, a brief rant. I’m having minor CVT issues with the Outback (surprise surprise) that the dealer hasn’t been able to resolve. It’s been overheating a few hours into long drives throwing an “AT OIL TEMP” light on the dash. So far if I let it cool of for 15 minutes then keep speeds under 70 MPH it seems to do OK after that. When the car was younger I was able to do this same drive at 75-80 MPH with no issues. Dealer says they can’t do anything to diagnose it unless the light is on. Short test drives won’t cause it to act up. Owner’s manual (and common sense) says stop driving and let it cool down or it could blow up. Dealer says just drive it in anyway. That doesn’t help when the only time it’s does this is in the middle of Northern AZ when the closest dealer is 4 hours away. I suspect that it might just need fresh fluid to transfer heat better but the dealer is refusing to do a flush. They claim that if they flush it and the fluid isn’t the issue it could void the warranty on the CVTs that Subaru extended. So I guess I just hope that if it gets worse it does it when I’m near a dealer. 🤷‍♂️

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