DOTS - Taiwan & Hong Kong Editions

Back from another trip to Asia.

Starting in Taipei, I’m impressed how long this B5 Passat has survived in a humid subtropical climate.
A very common model of taxi in Taiwan is the Toyota Wish. I suspect the Prius V was a hybrid drive adaptation of this car as the sizes are suspiciously similar.


In the Toyota line-up, the Vios sits a size class below the Corolla.
In recent years, the Hyundai H1 (marketed in Taiwan as the Starex) has become a popular passenger van. Despite looking brand spanking new, I noted that this car has exactly zero airbags in Taiwan spec.
A nice B6.5 facelift Passat. The US did not get this model as the NMS Passat was introduced in 2012.
Visiting my in-laws in Taichung. Street scene from our hotel on Taiwan Boulevard, formerly Taichung Harbor Boulevard.
Because OEM pickup-style work trucks are not widely sold in Asia, most pickups are light trucks with wooden beds added on. Common models are the Isuzu NPR, Toyota Dyna and Mitsubishi Canter.
Last-second capture. Last generation Saab 9-5!
Smart ForFour
Immaculate E30 BMW
The RoW Corolla front end. Again, much classier than the US model.
E46 M3
Taichung will soon get a medium-capacity metro network. Construction is wrapping up and the 2-car trainsets are under test.
Moving on to Hong Kong. I’m a big fan of the new red bus livery, a huge improvement over the boring bronze introduced in 2002.
Nice Toyota Crown hanging out at a local stereo shop.
Teslas were a huge hit when EV tax breaks were in effect. Sales dropped off to nearly zero when the tax breaks expired, but a lighter credit has been re-introduced due to public pressure. Surprisingly, with similar green vehicle incentives Tesla has not caught on in Taiwan at all.
RS Q5?! Correction: Q3
Advertisement drunk.
For the past 20 years, the Crown Comfort has been the dominant taxi in Hong Kong.
Current generation Toyota Alphards, the default boss ride.

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