Well, today gave me a huge smile on my face on my drive home from town this morning! :D

I was coming past one of the local independent garages and this was parked out front. I recognized it as I passed it and actually took a side road to loop back and take this picture....couldn’t get a better shot as a tree was in the way, but...



It’s a first-gen Felicia! I think they were imported and sold in North America in VERY small numbers way back when.


Many happys were had. It’s in great shape and has classic Euro plates on it (no Canadian plates), so no idea if it’s a recent import or a restoration...? I had actually seen this car for sale on Kijiji years ago...at least, pretty sure it’s the same car. It was the same shade of teal, though in a little worse shape, if I remember right.

Very pretty little roadster! I’d gladly have it if they didn’t want it anymore! :P

...also saw this little fella in Mahone Bay! It’s the Suzuki Carry kei truck I’ve posted a few times! :)

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