I went to wash my car, because I was growing quite tired of re-reading and re-writing some semi-bullshit paper to prove my writing skills (I’ve already proven those last year with a paper on a topic I did do actual research on), and because my car was quite dirty. Behold what I found:

A herd of Volvo Shooting-brakes! A 2010 Volvo C30 D2 (not a 2 cylinder, but a 1.6 turbo diesel with 114 hp) and a 1996 Volvo 480 GT 2.0 to be more precise (and a bonus XC70, Ford Ka, and Fiat Nemo). While I like the C30, I must say out of the two I prefer the 480, partially because it was mostly designed and built here in the Netherlands, and also because pop-up headlights. Fun fact about the 480 is that it was intended mainly for the US market, but that it was never sold there due to quality issues, fear that Americans would find the design too extreme, and an unfavorable exchange rate at the time.

Also, the Twingo is nice and shiny again:.